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Homework 21.04.20

Dear e- course 9!

I think you will have finished the exercises I gave you in the beginning.

That's why I have some new ones.

In your book, page 25, Ex a,b and c

Also page 28 1 and 2

Take a photo of your work and attach the photo to an e-mail to me. It has to be an attachment! Also, Datei anhängen, nicht In die Mail einfügen. Easy.

I'm expecting your mails till May, 2nd.

Stay safe and healthy!

Hausaufgaben für den Englisch E-Kurs

Stand: 18.3.2020

English E Kurs Stufe 9 Klassen 9A,B,C

Dear students! Now that you are at home, probably bored, you´ve just decided to check what´s to do for English. Good job! ;)

So here it is:

We will do the oral class test and this time you have to prepare the topic Australia. For each exercise, write the date, page and the exercise number in the margin.

Reading and exercises:

Book, page 15 a,b,c,d

Page 18-21 Ex 2 and 3 (3 ist eine kurze Nacherzählung in der Zeit past tense, wie die story. Du brauchst die Zeit also nicht zu ändern)

Book page 25 3a, 3b, 3 c

Workbook page 4 Ex 1,2,3 bis Page 6 Ex 4

And page 8 Ex 8

Vokabeln: Jeden Tag 7!!!!

Ins Vokabelheft schreiben, lernen. Seite 207 bis Seite 209

Wir fangen die Schule mit einem Vokabeltest an! Note kann verbessert werden!


The link
to a one pot Lasagne recipe with a bit of a lisp for extra challenge!

Hi peeps!
I gave you the advice to listen to tutorials. Now, how much unboxing etc can you watch before it gets boring? Here is another idea. It will give you something to do, you'll help out your mum or dad, and you'll put smiles on the faces of your family AND get some storage room back! Because..  Probably all of you bought lots of pasta and way too much toilet paper.

I have no solution for the latter, but for the use of the pasta! In the recipe she uses Lasagne pasta, but you can use other pasta as well, especially when it's flat (Bandnudeln) and will cook quickly. Of course you can leave out the sausage and use only one kind of cheese.

Note: Of course, the wine mentioned in the recipe is not necessary! :)

....der Wein kann natürlich auch weggelassen werden!

Listen to the tutorial several times, get the ingredients, get cooking. I'm sure you can do it.

Maybe you challenge some or all of your classmates to a Lasagne challenge!

I will add another link for some meatfree cooking later. Take a photo of the result and sent it to me :

Have a nice day!